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I was born in Indiana and raised in Milwaukee, WI. I was an academically gifted student throughout my K-12 education which resulting in enrolling in college at the age of 17. However,

I have the privilege of being a registered nurse for over 25 years. My years of experience at the bedside and as a nursing professor paved the way for me to pursue my Doctorate in Adult Education and Higher Learning. But, no matter how many initials and titles I earn, my greatest accomplishments and treasures will always be my children and the joy of raising them.

Parents have a plethora of parenting resources that begins with prenatal development and continues through adolescence. Once a child turns 18, though, the wealth of parental resources vanishes or is minimal at best. Painfully aware of the void while I navigated the waters of parenting adult children, I launched The Other Side of Adorable blog to document my experiences, knowing other parents would relate. I coupled my passion for writing with a suggestion of turning the blog into a book, and now … the void is filled.

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