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2019 the year of ME

2019 is a special year for me in so many ways. Later this month I have a book signing in my hometown, my oldest turns 30, then I cross the threshold of 50 (can't wait for that AARP card), followed by my only grandson turning 1, and for the grand finale, my husband and I will celebrate 20 years of marriage. Wearing so many hats requires giving so much of yourself. This year I vow to recharge and renew!

I thank God for blessing me in so many ways. I thank him for allowing me to be the mother to 3 absolutely amazing children and the Nana to the greatest grandchildren in the world. Every day I am still in awe-mazement that my husband chose to spend the rest of his life with me. But this year, it's all about me!

You see I understand what many young parents have yet to comprehend; I've earned the right to be selfish. I've made all the personal and professional sacrifices to be able to do so. My children no longer depend on me for their every need as they are adults. I have the parental license to be selfish, footloose, and fancy-free! My children are now apart of the celebration and may even pick up a tab or two-OK a tab.

I pray in 2019 you will find time to celebrate you. Without you, there would be no them. So ladies, lift your glasses and toast to yourself. You deserve it!!!

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